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Nazare, Portugal, 2020

This paper focuses on the interactions between peers in the academic envi- ronment, building on a widely cited finding in the gender literature that men interrupt women more often than women do. Utilizing a unique dataset from economic seminar audio recordings, this study investigates gender-based peer interactions and uncovers four key findings: (i) Female speakers are interrupted more frequently, earlier, and differently than males; (ii) the extra interruptions largely stem from female, not male, audience members; (iii) audience members of both genders interrupt female speakers with a more negative tone; (iv) female presenters receive more questions, particularly from males and more comments from female audience members. These findings, persistent even after control- ling for variables such as the presenter’s seniority, seminar series, or topic of the presentation, contribute in a novel way to the growing literature on the disparate treatment of women economists.


Presented at: 

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference; Aix-Marseille School of Economics; University of Bordeaux (Welfare and Policy Conference); ETH Zurich (Seminar in Economics + Data Science); Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association Annual Meeting; Italian Association of Development Economists Meeting; Spanish Economic Association Meeting; Winter School on Inequality and Social Welfare Theory; Uruguayan Economics Association Meeting; Pompeu Fabra Applied Seminar; University of Antwerp Internal Seminar; Internal Seminar of the Faculty of Economics (UdelaR - Uruguay), 

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